Why TPM Technology?

Why TPM Technology ?

TPM offers a wide range of machine types to meet specific output requirements. The TPM Series provides a comprehensive choice of platen sizes and Mold per platen to satisfy each customer's specific needs.

The TPM Series is highly efficient in terms of energy and labor utilization, which results in a large reduction in in services and labor.

The system is completely automatic, limited labor requirement during operation.

The TPM Equipment is manufactured with high-grade quality materials to ensure excellent performance for an extended time.
PM-1500 and TPM-850 are built using stainless steel for all wetted part.

The configuration of the TPM Technology is very flexible making it easy to upgrade from lower to higher production capacities.

To save factory space, TPM engineers have designed efficiently to reduce the size of equipment layout.


The TPM Series is easy to operate, simply by inputting desirable parameters from the HMI.

The use of automatic level and flow controls ensures constant and accurate product weight and quality.

The TPM Equipment is designed to run continuously 24 hours a day.


Easy maintenances and reliable OEM parts avoid machinery downtime.

Reduced tooling change time to maximize available production processing time.

Proprietary mold designs give exceptional product quality and value.

High precision tooling systems generate exceptional product turn out value.

As a pioneer in fiber forming technology, TPM equipment is highly competitive in the world market.