• TPM-1600_pulp_molding_machinery

TPM Series Specifications

Machine Model: TPM-1600

Effective Molding Area: L 1600mm by W 1200mm by H 100mm


It's normally used in running long production rates.


Thermoformed Process

Direct-Hot-Press system allows low unit cost manufacture of high precision Dry-In-Mold product in long runs. Direct-Hot-Press technology has been used extensively for the manufacture of mobile phones or high-end electronic packaging. Produced goods can be automatically stacked and counted only minimum labor required to operate the production line.

1. Completely dry in the mold pulp product, female and male forming equally.
2. No distortion or variation in shape & size.
3. Smooth surface. 
4. Maximum mold utilization.
5. Suitable for various products wall thickness.