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The type of pulp molding machine :

  Thermoformed Process
      Direct-Hot-Press system allows low unit cost manufacture of high precision Dry-In-Mold product in long runs. Direct-Hot-Press technology has been used extensively for the manufacture of cell-phone or electronic goods packaging. Produced goods can be automatically stacked and only one operator is required to operate 9 production lines with Direct-Hot-Press systems. (exclude necessary packing personnel).
Comparisons Between Oven Dry and Thermoforming Manufacturing Process:
1) Completely dehydrate the molded pulp products inside of convex & concave moldings.
2) No distortion and variation in shape & size.
3) Smooth surface.
4) Space efficiency.
5) Suitable for product thickness (0.5mm~1.5mm) .
Pulp Molding machine Pulp thermoforming machine, Pulp forming machine


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